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Screen Fixing? Scratched display? Broken screen? Replacement of device housing? Specialists from iCare in Łódź will gladly repair your equipment.

The experienced staffs and professional equipments that we have in our iCare service in Lodz allows us to carry out even the most demanding repairs. Our technicians are well prepared, and thanks to the thousands of Apple devices repaired, they also have valuable experience to help them solve your Apple hardware problems. We make every repair, even the most delicate elements of your device – screen or display.

We know that Apple hardware is often more than just a tool. By entrusting your computer or phone to iCare in Łódź, you do not have to worry about its condition. The standards developed by our service engineers will make your equipment come back to you in perfect technical condition and visually. We treat every Apple device individually.

Below are some examples of repairs carried out on our iCare service in Łódź:

Repair of equipment after liquid damage

In addition, in our iCare service in Łódź we repair and restore equipment after flooding. Hardware behavior (MacBook, iPhone, iPad) after contact with liquid is difficult to predict. Sometimes the flooded display of the iPhone works as if nothing happened to it, another time the iPad shuts down and can not be launched at the time of the liquid damage. Always in the event of a liquid damage, it is essential to take immediate corrective action.

If you happen to have an accident and your device is in contact with water or other liquid, please report it to our iCare service in Łódź as soon as possible. After thorough cleaning and drying, we will try to restore your Apple hardware. If repair is not possible we will try to recover important data for you. We repair all types of hardware – iPhone, iPad, MacBook and others.

Apple Desktop and MacBook Service

ICare service in Łódź also provides repair services for Apple’s desktop and MacBook computers in the following areas:

  • Exchange disk, memory, power supplies, batteries, Wi-Fi modules, Bluetooth modules
  • Exchange enclosures on both MacBooks and iMac and MacMini desktops
  • Display replacement
  • Screen repair (quick, display)
  • Regeneration or exchange of graphics chips integrated into the motherboard
  • Cleaning displays on iMacs and Apple monitors.
  • Computer upgrades

We undertake every repair of Apple hardware. If you have not found a service that meets your expectations, please contact our iCare service in Lodz. We will try to solve your problem.

If you need repair in our service, but you live out of Lodz, order a courier. He will pick up your device next day.

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